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Girls Charcoal Heather Pants - Regular

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Charcoal Heather Pants - Skinny leg style (these fit snugly)

70% Polyester   28% Rayon,  2% Spandex

Sizes 3-5, pull-on, elastic waist

Sizes 6-16, clasp closure, adjustable waist, zipper

Sizing hint: When choosing a size, first consider WAIST fit.

Care Hints: Turn pants inside out and zip up zippers when washing and drying.  Follow care instructions on the tag.

Having trouble finding your size?

Husky refers to larger sizing for girls that do not fit in traditionally sized clothing. ScholarWear Husky pants are more generous in the waist and thighs. They are sized by the waist measurement and have a shorter length.

Slim pants are specially fit for a smaller frame. They are approximately 2" smaller in the waist than the regular fit pant. They are narrower in the hip and thigh as well.

Junior pants are designed for a teen fit.