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Short Sleeve and Husky Oxfords? - Discontinued?

Short Sleeve and Husky Oxford Shirts and Blouses are being discontinued. Stock is limited.


Uniform Policy

What about the different crests? My pants are missing the crest.

What is the dress code for the 2019/2020 school year?

The uniform is changing, when can I get the updated items?

Preschool & PreK Uniform Details for 2019/20

K-8th Girls Uniform Details for 2019/20

K-8th Boys Uniform Details for 2019/20

Tell me about the Fit Line at Lone Mountain Campus in NV?

What is the purpose of the Fit Line at Lone Mountain (Summerlin, NV) campus?

Summerlin Fit Line hours and days - CLOSED UNTIL DECEMBER

Online Shopping

Do I need to open an account to shop with ScholarWear?

What forms of payment do you accept?


How much are your shipping and handling charges?

Missing Package

Can I expedite my package?


What is ScholarWear's Return Policy?

What if my item is defective?

Manufacturers defect replacement vs wear and tear?

ScholarWear Return Form

Uniform Care

Will I need to iron these uniforms?

My child is tough on pants. Will the knees of his pants hold up?

Do we have to press the skirts?

Will uniform colors fade?

Do I need to dry clean these uniforms?

My child's tie has broken. I just bought it. What should I do?

My child's sweaterhas lost a button. What should I do?

My daughter has jumpers do I need to buy new skirts?

Skirts Care Tips

Knit Polo Care Tips

Sweaters Care Tips

Pants and Shorts Care Tips

Fleece Jackets Care Tips



Sizes & Fit

The Size charts for Charcoal Pants and Shorts are different from the charts for the Navy Pants

The Size charts for the Preschool Skirts are different from the charts for the Jumpers & Big Skirts

My child is not easy to fit. Will I be able to find uniform items that fit him or her?

If my child is growing quickly, what size should I order?

How do I know which neck tie to buy for my student?

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