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Uniform Policy

What is the Challenger Uniform Policy?

K-8th Girls Uniform Details

Preschool & PreK Uniform Details

K-8th Boys Uniform Details

What about the different crests?


Is the Utah store open? Can we try on clothing?

Where and when is the Nevada 2024 Campus Pop-up Shop?

Where and when are the California 2024 Campus Pop-up Shops?

Online Shopping

Do I need to open an account to shop with ScholarWear?

What forms of payment do you accept?

Is my cart saved to my account?

I’ve been trying to order clothes in a size 5 but when I checked my cart, it keeps on saying it’s a size 2T and 3XS. Is there something wrong with the website? I don’t want to place the order and get sent the incorrect sizes.


How much are your shipping and handling charges?

Missing Package

Can I expedite my package?

Do I need to sign for my package?

Do you ever offer any free shipping?


What is ScholarWear's Return Policy?

How do I exchange an item?

Do I have to pay for my return shipping?

What if my item is defective?

Manufacturers defect replacement vs wear and tear?

You sent me an incorrect item. How can I get what I actually ordered?

How do I get an item that is missing from my order?

What do you mean by Unwashed, Unworn, and Unaltered with Original Tags Attached?

Can I combine multiple orders in one retrun?

Sizes & Fit

My child is not easy to fit. Will I be able to find uniform items that fit him or her?

If my child is growing quickly, what size should I order?

How do I know which neck tie to buy for my student?

How do I use the adjustable waistband?

Uniform Care

Before you wash your uniform or remove labels ... try it on

Will I need to iron these uniforms?

My child is tough on pants. Will the knees of his pants hold up?

Do we have to press the skirts?

Will uniform colors fade?

Do I need to dry clean these uniforms?

My child's tie has broken. I just bought it. What should I do?

My child's sweater has lost a button. What should I do?

Skirt Care Tips

Oxford Shirt Care Tips

Knit Polo Care Tips

Sweaters Care Tips: Fuzz Removal

Pants and Shorts Care Tips



I saw a recent article about fluorine-based PFAS chemicals used to treat some fabrics including some school uniforms. Are the fabrics used in ScholarWear uniforms safe?

Website Errors

I am getting a reCAPTCHA error. How can I fix it?