Preschool Girls

Preschool students wear uniforms on Monday and Tuesday. Specific uniform pieces are required on special function days.

  • Preschoolers must wear uniforms on standard and special function days. Preschoolers may wear their uniforms on other days of the week, if they wish. 
  • Attire should be clean and practical for very active play.
  • Shirts do not have to be tucked in.
  • Girls are encouraged to wear black bike shorts under skirts. Pants may not be worn under skirts
  • Belts: Belts are optional for girls and boys. If worn, belts must be stretchable so that children can pull up or down their pants or shorts without unbuckling the belt.
  • Socks: Must be white, black, navy, gray, or burgundy. Girls’ options include knee-highs, anklets, or tights.
  • Shoes: Shoes must be safe and practical for active play. Wheeled shoes, flip-flops, light-up shoes, sandals, Uggs-style boots, etc. and shoes with open toes or heels are not permitted.

Standard Uniform

Polos & Sweaters


Pants, Shorts & Belts

Socks & Shoes

Special Function Uniform



Socks & Shoes

Hair Accessories 

*All hair accessories are a final sale. No returns or exchanges.


Hair Bows